Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Don't Get Mad, Get ACTIVE

Angry about Congressional inaction? Frustrated sanity is gone from the US House? Find yourself shouting at your computer or the television?

Well, we have two more days until a full blown government default. I’ve worked in politics for almost two decades. I don’t resort to hyperbole and I call politicians by their surnames, not juvenile puns, but I will say this: WE ARE FACING A PROFOUND THREAT TO OUR FUTURE IF WE GO OFF THE FISCAL CLIFF.  That isn’t hypberbole, it’s a fact.

We need to get busy. Here's how to do it.


CALL THE GOP NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS: Call the GOP in DC at: 202-863-8500 Hit 2 to get to the fundraisers. They will always answer the phone, because you can't raise money if you don't pick up the line. The GOP House Members are letting you go to voicemail, so focus on the party. Your message: " I will never vote for a Republican again. The GOP’s actions are dangerous to the financial future of the republic." Don't sound like a liberal and don't resort to name calling. The person at the other end of the phone should not be able to tell who you typically vote for. What they should parse: you are angry and that anger is directly squarely at the House GOP.

Don’t hang up after 30 seconds, it's ineffectual. Engage the person who answers the phone--when they are talking to you they can't raise money. Ask them if they feel any moral qualms working for the GOP while 800,000 Americans go without a paycheck and all of our retirement funds are about to take a kick in the pants with a default. Their stock answer "I am just the messenger." Your retort: "That's immoral. You don't have to work for an organization destroying the country. Shame on you." Make the conversation last as long as you can and keep it to morals. Talk angrily, but SOFTLY. It's effective. Tell them you are worried the GOP is destroying the country, destroying children's future and destroying FAMILY VALUES. Use THEIR language, you will have a greater impact upon them. You can do this on your lunch hour, and no one is too busy. DO IT. It does matter.

PAY A VISIT TO YOUR LOCAL GOP CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE: If you can, grab a dozen friends, make signs, and go down to the local office of a GOP Congressional Representative tomorrow. Call the media and tell them you will be there. Dress NICELY—the message you want to send: you represent moral, family values America, not the GOP. If interviewed, say ”the GOP is damaging our children’s future. This is immoral.” If you live in a GOP free zone, go and picket the local office of the local GOP.  Same message, same opportunity to make the news.

SEND AN EMAIL REPLY TO ONLINE PETITIONS: Ask the organization in question to organize in person events and to have them call the GOP. The message: "at the juncture, online action is really just inaction."

SHARE THIS POST ON FACEBOOK:  The Tea Party rallied Sunday in DC. They had a thousand folks. Our rally today had maybe 24. WE NEED TO GET BUSY. fI don't normally push this, but please, please, share. We are running out of time.

IF YOU LIVE IN DC: If there is no solution to this mess, show up on the sidewalk at the Rayburn House Office building tomorrow after work tomorrow. Be prepared to bellow, and bellow loudly.  


SIGN ONLINE PETITIONS: Petitions are USELESS. Utterly, staggeringly, mathematically verifiably USELESS. Think about it: will your GOP Representative care that a liberal group dislikes him or her? NO, they will not. At this very late hour, online action is inaction.
POST OR COMMENT ON FACEBOOK DECRYING THE EVIL GOP: It’s preaching to the choir and it accomplishes nothing. Online kvetching is inaction, too.


If Congress passes a one month stop gap for the debt limit, do NOT stop calling the GOP. Call them once a day, Monday through Friday. If we stay focused, we can make a difference. Indeed, we could easily turn the GOP fundraising line into OUR complaint line. Take ownership of it. The country will be all the better for it.

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  1. Today I went with exasperated - I think the dude answering the phone was a democrat. He said he isn't allowed to say anything political because they would use it against him. He didn't know of any other avenues "Republican party members" could use to try and influence leadership and seemed terrified of his employer. Fun little party they have there. Kept him talking for at least 10 minutes. Will try another approach tomorrow.